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Custom Indoor Plant and bromeliad arrangement - Interior Landscape Houston Tx area building lobby.

Since 1988, Green Thumbs of Texas has specialized in providing interior landscape  plant services throughout the Houston Metro area. We have expanded our service area to provide Tropical Foliage Plant Services to the Conroe, Huntsville, College Station and Bryan,  areas of Texas.

We have experienced professional staff, skilled in selecting, installing, and maintaining live indoor plants, in both commercial and residential environments. Adding indoor plants to your interior spaces creates an interior ambiance that is more warm and inviting.

Let us take the guesswork out of adding indoor plants to your building or home. We have the know-how  to specify  the plants best suited to your interior environment.

Custom Indoor Plant Design Houston, TX

Custom Indoor Plant Design

Interior Landscape Houston Area Residence

Residential Interior Landscape

Indoor Plants, Interior Landscape lobby area in Houston, TX

Commercial Interior Landscape Houston

Living Wall installed in Houston Area by Green Thumbs of Texas

Green Thumbs of Texas will create the perfect interior landscape for your office, building lobby or home.

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Indoor Plant Services, Leasing and Rental Houston Tx , planter lobby area

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