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Residential Interior Landscape

Interior Landscape Houston, Residential Project

Interior Landscape for your home in the Houston Metro area.

Feeling at home in your home.

Your home’s interior spaces have been planned and perfected, every window treatment,  fabric color, and furnishing has been chosen with care. Your home is your place of refuge,  a place to relax and entertain.  But something is missing.  Indoor plants and beautiful decorative containers are the finishing touch, and really more.

Our staff is professional and courteous.

We will work with you to find just the right plants and decorative containers that truly become a part of your home’s interior design.  Green Thumbs of Texas professional staff will not only create beautiful interiorscape in your home but we offer guaranteed plant maintenance programs to keep your interior plants in top notch condition.

Indoor plants are both functional and beautiful

Indoor landscape in your home is not purely aesthetic, it creates a more healthy environment for you and your family.  In terms of dollars spent there really is no better investment than having living beauty inside your home that helps to filter your indoor air of pollutants.

Residential Interior Landscape Houston Metro area

Add Life and Beauty to Your Indoors.

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