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Commercial Interior Landscape Houston

Commercial interior landscape Houston area, by Green Thumbs of Texas

Commercial interior landscape, it is more than just plants and decorative containers.

We Listen to You
We work  with  you the building owner or property manager,   and your other team members  such as your landscape architect or interior designer,  to realize the vision that you have for your commercial space.

With years of experience  installing and maintaining commercial interior landscape, we know the importance of complimenting your decor and overall design with plants that have the proper size and meet the requirements of your lighting and space.

Interior Landscape, We do it right!

The right plant in the right container for the right space. Let’s face it, a well done interior landscape design can transform a lobby area into an indoor park, or a stark office hallway into a sleek inviting corridor. Conversely, an interior landscape that does not mesh well with the  building decor or environment,  can seem somewhat disjointed and detract rather than enhance the interior’s structure and design.

We would love to work with you to create and maintain an interior landscape that fits long-term with your vision, enhancing your building’s  identity and environment.

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Commercial Interior Landscape Houston - by Green Thumbs of Texas

Commercial Interior Landscape Houston – by Green Thumbs of Texas